Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi ya'll!  Just popping on for a few minutes to check in.  I hope this finds you all having a good great week.  So far so good on this end.  It has been busy but guess that is what happens when you have a million things going on.  Our weather here has been wild.  Seems like we have had alot of rain, just like everyone else, so getting in the yard to do yard work hasn't been real easy. I did get my wildflower garden tilled and planted though. I really hope that they do well this year, because I love to be able to bring fresh flowers in the house, and wildflowers are probably my favorite.  I like there carefree look. They are  a bit whimsy and look like they don't have a care in the world.  Kinda the way I wish my life was.

This week is going to be a full week at work and then this weekend, my daughter is going to be going to her senior prom.  It's hard to believe that she will be graduating in a few short weeks. Where does the time go?  Seems like only yesterday she was starting school, and now she is finishing it.  Next week she will take "the board certification" for cosmetology and she is a bit nervous about it.  But I think she will do fine. This is something that she has ALWAYS wanted to do, and she is rather good at it...so I hope she passes so she will have that behind her.  She has been working in a salon for awhile,that she loves.  She worked there last summer and this school year she has been working on the weekends and in the evenings when she has been needed, but they have offered her a job once she is out of school and passes her board.  She is very excited.

Well last night when I got home, I cleaned out my living room...yeah!!!  Granted alot of things got moved to the dining room table until I can find a new home for it, or pack it away.  It's so difficult to decide what to do with "stuff" treasures  when your just not sure what your going to need to put finishing touches on things.  So guess you know what I am going to do tonight.One guess?  I will be trying to work my way through some of the clutter treasures on that table.  I am still  trying to work off my list that I have made out for this week.  Trying to do just a few things each day.  One thing is for sure, this new schedule I have now is more conducive of getting a few things done in the evening for me.  Before, by the time I got home I was just too tired to work on the house.  Now I do a little each day and I feel like I am being productive.  And I like that feeling. Just a few things on my list for this week are:
  • Clean out the Living Room ( done)
  • Pack up books in my bedroom
  • Remove bookshelves from room. Take to storage
  • Clean from under my bed (I use it for storage)
  • Pack up my vanity items (Take vanity to storage)
  • Clean "junk" off of dining room table
  • Take items to goodwill
  • Call about the new doors
  • Make call about the piano
  • Hang blinds in Living Room
  • Start painting the foyer and upstairs hallway
A while back I saw this "funny" about our work spaces....Do you spend alot of time at work?  If you do and are like me then you probably can relate to some of these pictures.(I can't remember where I found this, but if you know, tell me so that I can give credit, thanks!)
If you spend a large part of your week in an office or cubicle, interesting and pretty accessories can make that time more enjoyable. So below, I offer some suggestions for transforming your work space.
Don't forget a green plant or two. They help to purify that stuffy recycled air and bring a little of the outside in.

Try arranging your furniture & equipment in a new a different way. Moving things around a bit will keep it interesting!

New slipcovers will give your well-worn things a new, fresh look.

Create a new look with wallpaper. Who said foil went out with the 80's??

Here's an example of budget-friendly decor.

Finally, when you want the boss to know that you're not even thinking of working over the Holiday weekend...

Well guess I need to wrap this up so that I can get to work. You saw my list. ..Have a great rest of the day!


Sue said...

Those pictures were really cute - ha ha. I love the packing peanuts cubicle - hee hee

You sound so much "lighter" in your posts and I'm SO glad you have more energy and can get some of those "to do" list things checked off. YAY GOD for answered prayers!!

I hope Tori has a blast this weekend at her prom... but not TOO much fun if you know what I mean -lol

Love you Cindy! Have a great evening xo

Judy said...

Hi Cindy! Good going on the 'to do' list girl! Glad you have more time to get things done, & to be able to post. I have really been out of the loop with my blogging, but hoping to do much better.

Hope Tori enjoys her prom...kids grow up too fast!

Have a blessed week girlie - hugs!