Monday, May 18, 2009

More house ramblings

Hi blogging buddies, hope your having a great start to your week.  I am sitting here thinking about my day and all that I want to do, I have a list to make for this week...cause I know I need to get ALOT of things accomplished this week.  Probably more than is feasibly possible.
Michael and I gave ourselves a deadline of the first part of June, because we have family coming in for Tori's graduation and we want to have the house finished by then.  We are getting down to the home stretch and I am starting to get anxious.  Of course, I'm thinking everything will not be done.  I really don't want that to happen.  So I really need to work on a detailed list. Seems like that is the only way I get anything accomplished. 
Over the weekend, we planted some flowers in our front flower bed, but I still have about 2 flats to plant.  Before we could plant, Michael wanted to redo the flowerbed border, then we decided to transplant some perennials that I had because they are getting huge.  So after doing all that, we didn't get everything else done that we wanted too.  Of course, I thought we were just going to plant flowers, but Michael had other things on his agenda, like redoing the wall and moving things around, etc.....seems like all our projects start out as something small and end up being a major undertaking with the time we have allotted. Alot of times it can be frustrating for me...because we don't always see eye to eye on what needs to be done.   I tease him, that if anyone decides to buy this house, they want have anything to do, because everything will be done.  In all likelihood, they will probably come in and change everything he has done.  Anyhow, I am hoping we are nearing the end.  He also spent time putting a second coat of paint on the 20ft foyer.  That was a chore, but he ran out of paint before he finished it. 
Two major things left to do are the carpets and doors.  We are replacing the front doors and the slider in the FR.  What a difference both of those things will make.  WooHoo!  We've contacted the man about the doors to set up a appointment to choose style and get them ordered but he hasn't returned our call.  Poo!  I really want to get this done so I hope he  calls back today. We can't do the carpets unless we finish in Tori's room.  We have some odd pieces of furniture that we want to take to goodwill from her room.  Desk or dresser anyone? 
I plan to make some pictures of the progress so far, maybe I can do that later today and post a few pictures. 
Need to scoot so that I can get started on my DETAILED TO DO LIST!
Have a blessed Monday.

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